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GOP Senate candidate readies for ‘street fight’

Rick Green and Curt Schilling may want to consider whether they really want to get into a political street fight with a self-described “angry, conservative black man with a chip on his shoulder” as they contemplate a GOP Senate primary race.

Allen Rodney Waters of Mashpee claims he launched his US Senate candidacy a month ago but apparently has not gotten much mention in GOP circles as the party contemplates who might run against Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2018.

But with talk of Green’s candidacy, Waters is ready to unload.

“Mr. Green might have millions, but he ain’t an angry, conservative black man with a chip on his shoulder,’’ said Waters in an email to Globe, striking a distinctly familiar Trumpian tone.


“I am a grassroots player, and only a guy like me can cross over into the minority community,’’ he said. “People are looking for authenticity; otherwise Mr. Green can borrow Jeb Bush’s lighter and start torching the cash now. Burn, baby, burn.”

Waters was reacting to news this week that Green, who has made a fortune as an auto-parts executive, is quietly testing the waters for Senate race. Schilling the former Red Sox pitcher, also has made noise about running.

“I hope he is ready for a GOP street fight,’’ Waters said.

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