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Commissioner Evans and Boston police force will be on streets on Super Bowl Sunday

“We work when everyone else is enjoying themselves,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said of Super Bowl Sunday. Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Boston Police officers may be unique when it comes to the New England Patriots and the team’s repeated Super Bowl appearances - most have never seen a game as it happened. And this year, when the team is going for its fifth NFL championship, it won’t be any different.

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said Tuesday he plans a “full call up’’ on Sunday when the Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI in Houston, meaning the entire department will be on the city’s streets.

Evans said he is a subscriber to the NFL Network Red Zone and usually spends Sunday afternoons and into Sunday evenings watching football with his two sons. But he has not attended a Super Bowl party for years, and neither have large numbers of his fellow officers.


The only way his officers will be able to see the game live, he said is if they peer through the window of a bar while the game is being played Sunday night.

“They will go the window, say, of a bar and look in,’’ said Evans. “That’s what I have done 11 or 12 times, watch these games through the windows. That’s the hard part of having so many good teams.’’

He added, “the poor cops. Everybody loves the Super Bowl, and everybody has parties and we’ve got to order them all in…We work when everyone else is enjoying themselves.’’

Evans spoke about the Super Bowl during his monthly appearance on the Boston Public Radio show on WGBH-89.7 FM radio station show hosted by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.

Separately, Evans has sent an open letter this week to students at the area’s colleges, urging them to act respectfully on Super Bowl night. Parking bans will be in effect in some neighborhoods near universities and colleges, he said.


In the letter Evans said the police department, “will have extra patrols monitoring license premise locations as well as those neighborhoods where we typically see an increase in activity. Should you behave in a way that warrants the intervention of police because of misconduct your name will be turned over to your respective Dean of Students for appropriate discipline.”

Evans added, “it is our hope that you enjoy the festivities and celebrate in a safe and responsible manner. Please remember that there will be zero tolerance for disruptive and illegal behavior.’’

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