Parade signs tell the story of a rollercoaster season

(Steve Annear/Globe Staff)

“Goodell likes Nickelback,” read one sign. Another said, “Goodell pees sitting down.”

As hundreds of thousands of Patriots fans packed Boston Tuesday for the team’s Super Bowl victory parade, many fans used the opportunity to voice their displeasure with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended Tom Brady for four games this season as punishment for the Deflategate saga.

“Roger that” was a presence on many signs, a reference to Brady’s Shields MRI television commercial that aired after the Superbowl, which was seen as a dig at the commissioner.

(Evan Allen/Globe Staff)

And there were many signs featuring goats, a riff on something New England fans have long known: Tom Brady is the Greatest of All Time.


(Andy Rosen/Globe Staff)

This being 2017, there were also many signs that blended politics into the conversation. “Not my commissioner,” was a popular sign, a play on the “Not my president” signs that protest President Donald Trump. Another fan carried a “We stand with #88” sign, a reference to Pats tight end Martellus Bennett, who has said he will skip the team’s visit to the Trump White House.

(Andy Rosen/Globe Staff)

Others offered an alternative: “Belichick for President 2020.”

(Steve Annear)

Some offered love and prayers to Brady’s mother, who has been battling health problems. Others were reminders to not forget others that baseball season is just around the corner – “Yankess still suck,” one sign declared.

(Cristela Guerra/Globe Staff)

And perhaps the winner in the sign category came from the Boston Public Library, which had a banner hanging above its entrance on Boylston Street, neatly encapsulating the wild two years from the Deflategate saga to the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.

“Best. Story. Ever.”

(Steve Annear/Globe Staff)

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