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Cotuit church thinks Jesus had better comeback than Patriots

The Cotuit Federated Church ranked what they see as the best comebacks of all time.
The Cotuit Federated Church ranked what they see as the best comebacks of all time. Cotuit Federated Church

The Cotuit Federated Church wants to set the record straight.

The New England Patriots had one of the most amazing comebacks of all time, but in the congregation’s opinion, there was once an even greater comeback: the return of the Lord and Savior.

The Cape Cod church this week posted a humorous message on its outdoor sign to promote Sunday’s services that said as much.

The notice read, “Best Comebacks Ever. 1. Jesus’ Resurrection.”

And right behind it?

“Super Bowl 51,” according to the sign.

Angela Menke Ballou, the church’s pastor, said the congregation has a history of using thought-provoking or funny slogans to grab the attention of people driving by, and get the community talking.


This particular message, she said, was put together by one of the church’s members and her father.

“Clearly, they are big sports fans,” Ballou said, laughing.

Church officials posted a picture of the sign to Facebook on Monday, the morning after the Patriots’ jaw-dropping comeback against the Atlanta Falcons at Houston’s NRG Stadium .

The New England team overcame a 25-point deficit and set numerous NFL records during the stunning turnaround in the final quarter of the game, which ended with a 34-28 victory in overtime.

Ballou said the church saw the joyous occasion as an opportunity to spread the teachings of the Gospel.

“Life, even when it seems like it can’t happen, can,” she said. “That was what inspired it. We kind of like to find ways to make the Gospel relevant to our time.”

Before Sunday’s game, a different sign welcomed churchgoers and sports fans alike. It said, “In God and Brady We Trust,” and, “Meet You at God’s House Before the Big Game.”

This isn’t the first time that a church has latched onto a relevant topic to attract more congregants and call attention to upcoming services.


When the Pokémon Go craze all but took over the city last summer, many religious organizations citywide seized the opportunity and set up Pokémon Go “stops” for players at places of worship. The idea was to attract a broader base of members — including millennials.

“It’s an outreach,” Ballou said. “And it’s also great when we can find ways that people can connect what’s happening in their everyday lives with the story of God.”

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