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A weaker-than-expected storm will still pack some punch


An active jet stream is moving across the US this morning.

The big storm that grew up a little too late to bring a major snowfall to southern New England is well east of Nantucket and pulling further out to sea. While it’s too far out to bring heavy snow, it is close enough to create a lot of wind, and that is the main forecast issue for Monday.

Heavy, wet snow on the order of 4 to 8 inches fell Sunday and the first part of the overnight, and is now frozen onto trees and power lines. As winds increase Monday, it will set the stage for downed trees and power outages. Winds will not begin to subside until after dark, so therefore we have hours of strong winds ahead.


Winds will be strongest along the coastline because of the proximity to the storm and the lack of friction the water allows. As you move inland, trees and buildings will slow the wind a bit, but it will still be strong and gusty.

A high wind warning has been posted for parts of eastern Massachusetts.Dave Epstein

There will still be snow bands rotating around the storm Monday morning. I can’t rule out a coating to a couple of inches in some spots, however it will be more like summertime showers — some areas will see them, and others will watch the sun breaking through.

The threat of snow ends Monday afternoon.

Sunshine returns for Tuesday, with a weak weather system bringing a few rain and snow showers or a period of light snow Wednesday. Then the weather turns seasonably cold and much more tranquil. A warming trend develops late in the weekend with snow melting early next week.

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