Plymouth girl campaigns for Valentine’s Day sock donations for the homeless

Socks may not be the typical Valentine’s Day gift, but for one Plymouth fifth-grader, they were the ideal way to spread love to people who are homeless.

Savannah Johnson started a campaign that asked people to spend the $4 an average Valentine’s Day card costs on a pair of socks to donate to a local homeless shelter.

By Tuesday, Johnson had collected 75 pairs of socks, as well as hand warmers, toothbrushes, and gloves, and donated them to Father Bill’s Place homeless shelter in Quincy. The non-profit announced the youngster’s special delivery on Twitter.


Johnson organized the donations into care packages “adorned with hand-written quotes and messages about ‘hope’ to let people who are struggling know that they are cared for and loved this Valentine’s Day,” according to a video summary posted on YouTube.

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