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Atlanta brewer makes ‘Patriots’ beer after losing Super Bowl bet to Samuel Adams

An Atlanta brewery kept their promise and created a “Patriot” beer after losing a bet to the makers of Samuel Adams.SweetWater Brewing Co.

For Atlanta Falcons fans, this beer will be hard to swallow.

A brewery in Atlanta this week released a special edition adult beverage that pays homage to the New England Patriots’ epic Super Bowl 51 win after losing a bet with the folks over at Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beer.

“It’s the bet that keeps coming back to bite us in the [expletive],” SweetWater Brewing Co. said on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, calling the illustrated beer cans they created for the special occasion — if you’re from New England — “god-awful.”

SweetWater whipped up 100 cans of the extra pale ale, which they’re calling “Patriot SB51.”


The label on the can shows two players in what appear to be Patriots jerseys luring a falcon into a boat on the Charles River using a football at the end of a fishing string. In the background, the Boston skyline is visible.

A description of the beer on the side of the can reads, “A soul crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated,” a blatant dig at the Deflategate controversy that dogged the Patriots throughout the season and led to a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady.

The description continues, “No G.O.A.T. harmed in the creation of this beer (but we gave it our best shot!).” The acronym is a reference to Brady, who has been called the “Greatest Of All Time,” or “The Goat.”

At the bottom of the brief explanation, it says “#RogerThat,” a hashtag that’s been widely used on social media as a pot shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who led the charge against the Patriots early in the season about accusations of deflated footballs.

The Boston Beer Company and brewers at SweetWater traded barbs leading up to the Super Bowl and even throughout the game.


Even though the Atlanta beermakers had to swallow their pride and produce the souvenir beers on behalf of the Patriots, the cans disappeared fast.

Late Wednesday night, SweetWater wrote on Facebook that, “Cans are all gone. Thankfully.”

“Can’t be certain if there are that many Patriots fans in Atlanta, or if Falcons fans just wanted to pour them down the drain and crush the cans,” SweetWater spokeswoman Tucker Berta Sarkisian said in a statement.

The brewery still has the drink on tap at its facility through Saturday.

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