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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be called to testify in the upcoming double murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, a former star Patriots player.

The famed coach’s name surfaced in a defense filing Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court. The legal document listed more than 120 potential civilian witnesses, including Belichick, beneath a statement that said the “defense is attempting to speak with other potential witnesses and reserves the right to add them later.”

No information was disclosed about what Belichick might be asked on the stand, if called.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder in the drive-by shootings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in Boston’s South End in the early morning hours of July 16, 2012. The former Patriot is already serving a life sentence for the June 2013 fatal shooting of Odin Lloyd of Dorchester. Belichick was also listed as a potential witness in that 2015 trial, but neither side called him.

Prosecutors in the Boston case said Tuesday in a separate court filing that they hope to show jurors transcripts of a recorded jailhouse call Hernandez had with his mother days before his conviction in the Lloyd trial.


“I’m the only one that knew” Lloyd, Hernandez said, according to the transcript.

He also said, in an apparent reference to his codefendants in the Lloyd case, that video surveillance in that earlier trial “doesn’t show them with a gun in their hand. It shows me with a gun.”

In addition, the transcript said, Hernandez lamented the fact that he cannot tell his mother things, because he does not find her trustworthy.

“There’s so many things I’d like — I would love to talk to you [about] so you can know me as a person,” he said. “But I never could tell you, and you’re going to die without even knowing your son.”


His mother responded by saying that Hernandez was “a big gossiper, too” and added: “You would always tell me the bad things. Oh, my God, such bad things.”

Hernandez denied that and told his mother not too speak that way “on this phone.”

Terri Hernandez replied: “Well, not bad. I did it raw — but whatever does that mean?”

The Boston prosecutors also want to admit a transcript of a jailhouse call between Hernandez and Mike Pouncey, his former teammate at the University of Florida, who now plays in the NFL.

During that April 2015 call, Hernandez told Pouncey that he planned to get a tattoo that said, “Beware, no hesitations. . . . Like, try me and there’s no hesitation.”

Suffolk prosecutors contend Hernandez told a friend shortly before the South End shootings that one of the victims was “trying” him, or challenging him, during an earlier encounter at a nightclub.

The victims in the Boston case were Cape Verdean immigrants, and Hernandez told Pouncey during the jail call that he had been thinking he “may not even go in the clubs” if black people are in them, the transcript said.

“You already know what time it is, feel me?” Hernandez said.

The judge will decide whether the jury can see the transcripts.

Two more people were selected Wednesday to serve on the jury in the case, bringing the total to nine. Sixteen people will be chosen for the jury, with four designated as alternates before deliberations begin.


One juror who was excused from serving on Wednesday told Judge Jeffrey Locke that he had reacted with disbelief when he learned of Hernandez’s arrest in 2013.

The man, who served a 5-year prison term for drug trafficking, said he initially thought of Hernandez, “You have the whole world in your hand.”

Locke asked if the man was suggesting about Hernandez, “You had the golden goose, and you threw it away.”

“Yeah,” the man said. “Pretty much.”

Jury selection is scheduled to resume Thursday.

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