A sampling of (brief) messages to the president

Critics of Donald Trump critics are writing scads of pointed postcards to the president. Here’s a sampling of messages written by members of a group that met recently in Watertown:

Without immigrants no one would be cleaning Trump Tower and you wouldn’t have a wife. Your comments re immigrants are hateful and bigoted. You are the “Bad Dude.”

You have so much and others have so little. Practice Compassion.

Drain The Swamp – Get corporations out of our Government.


The poor of this country need your help, NOT your hindrance!

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Clean Energy creates jobs and is the future. Get out of the Stone Age!

You can get sooooo many votes by being a tad kinder with policy. Try it!

Even Rex Tillerson knows climate change exists. Get with the program. Science matters.

We don’t want our taxes spent on war. Do you pay taxes? We would like to know.


The strength of our country is in our diversity and our spirit of inclusion.

If you are going to be a successful president, you cannot alienate so many of us.


Access to healthcare means nothing. I have access to the Ferrari dealership, but it doesn’t mean I can buy one. You are on track to be the president about whom we say “Citizens Without Insurance Died on His Watch.”

The world is laughing at us.


If you think your money is more important than clean air – try holding your breath while counting your money: One Earth, One Responsibility, One Future.

Make America Great Britain Again. Give us universal healthcare.

Honest Abe: So much better than dishonest Donald.

You are no Roosevelt! Give us a new deal.

Wealth and power will not render you immune to global warming. Act now to save the planet!

Start reading real news.

America needs a leader, not a tweeter.

Perhaps you should come down off of your “Trump” tower and look around at reality.

How is your seaside luxury Florida resort? It will be underwater soon enough!

We who did not vote for you are also your constituents. The world and America need you to lead a government of unity and generosity, not a reign of division and terror.

Please preserve the EPA. There is nothing more important than clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet.

Please refocus your energies into education – it will go so far – an educated workforce will make and keep America great.