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Fast Forward: Will Trump apologize? (Just kidding.) Plus new trains and a day to be uncharacteristically polite

The big Patriots news isn't whether Malcolm Butler will end up in New Orleans, but the recovery of a jersey that actually touched the chest and sweat of Tom Terrific.Barry Chin/Globe Staff/File

What's it like outside? Another mild day, high 40s to low 50s, but it won't be as sunny. Brace yourself for more cold weather, then it will warm up again, and then ... oh, never mind.

While you were sleeping: It was revealed that starting this morning, the US will prohibit passengers on nonstop flights to the US from certain Middle Eastern and North African countries from bringing laptops, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices other than cell phones and medical devices into airplane cabins; they'll have to pack them in their checked luggage. But in a scene reminiscent of the rollout of the first travel ban, there was confusion: At least two overseas airlines said they knew nothing about the new luggage policy. Aviation security experts speculated that the ban could be motivated by intelligence that uncovered a possible threat.


Reuters reported that the Trump administration is thinking of tightening the screws on both North Korea and China by cutting North Korea off from the global financial system, and also implementing "secondary sanctions" targeting banks that do business with North Korea, most of which are in China. It's the same strategy followed by the Obama administration to get Iran to agree to restrict its nuclear program.

Hey, sport: The Bruins host Senators who are not investigating the Trump administration to the Garden. Ottawa beat the Bs in both of their previous meetings and sits in second place in the Atlantic Division, four points ahead of Boston. (7 p.m., NESN and 98.5 FM). Last night, the Bruins lost a frustrating game to Toronto on a late power-play goal after a questionable penalty.

The Celtics are off. Last night, they fought -- literally -- their way to a 110-102 win over the Wizards.


The Sox are in Tampa to play the Yankees in spring training at 6:35 p.m. (NESN and WEEI radio).

So the big Patriots news isn't whether Malcolm Butler will end up in New Orleans, but the recovery of a jersey that actually touched the chest and sweat of Tom Terrific during the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. But there's more: The Mexican tabloid reporter who allegedly swiped the jersey apparently is a serial thief: He reportedly also gave the cops Brady's jersey from Super Bowl 49 in 2015, as well as the helmet and cleats that Von Miller of the Denver Broncos wore during Super Bowl 50 last year. Hey Peyton Manning: You missing any empty Papa John's pizza boxes?

If you believe that Donald Trump will apologize today for falsely accusing Barack Obama of wiretapping him at Trump Tower in NY and calling him "bad" and "sick," then I've got a thriving, profitable Atlantic City casino to sell you. The FBI and Justice Department said it didn't happen. Trump said nothing. So that's how you get him to stop talking, said everybody.

So while the FBI continues today to investigate Russia's attempt to influence the presidential election, and possible ties to the Trump campaign, Republicans continue to try to deflect attention from the probe and insist that finding leakers is far, far more important.

After a day of partisan statements, Democrats will grill Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch today in what looks to be a futile effort to stop him from becoming the ninth member of the court.


Trump meets with conservative lawmakers today to persuade them to vote for GOP health care bill amendments, released late last night, that will make it even harder for poor people to get insurance. Yay!

One major change would allow states to impose a work requirement for able-bodied recipients without kids. Apart from the morality of denying medical care to sick, poor people, the fact is such care wouldn't be denied; people who get kicked off Medicaid for not working will just go to more expensive emergency rooms.

Another major change is a reduction in federal funding for Medicaid by letting states opt for block grants that will not increase when enrollment increases.

Another amendment immediately prohibits states from expanding Medicaid to cover more poor people, which some states did under Obamacare and others now want to do.

These are all sops to right wingers who don't believe the federal government should have any role in helping people stay healthy. As for more moderate Republicans, the House wants the Senate to add concessions for them, such as more -- but still inadequate -- financial aid for seniors; otherwise the bill might not make it past the House Freedom Caucus.

Governor Charlie Baker and state transpo and T officials tour the new Orange Line trains at noon in Medford. The new cars are terrific: They come equipped with sneakers that riders can borrow when the trains break down and they have to walk to the next station, paperbacks to read during the daily delays, hair dryers so riders can help T workers warm up the tracks during cold weather, tasers to ward off gropers, vomit bags, nose plugs, hand sanitizer, and cheese vending machines so riders can feed the rats. Isn't technology great?


It's been four years, but forevermore, every Boston Marathon-related event will be tinged by the tragedy of that fateful day. And so it will be this morning, when the official 2017 Boston Marathon banner is unveiled, no matter how upbeat everyone tries to be. We can't — and shouldn't — forget.

Boston Duck Tours,  still working to overcome the fatal accident last April when a duck boat ran over and killed a woman on a scooter, kicks off its 23rd season today with free morning rides all week -- but only for Boston residents. After the accident, the company stopped its practice of having the driver double as the tour guide; all vehicles now have two staffers.

Completing our tragedy trifecta, the ex-friend of Aaron Hernandez will be grilled by Hernandez's lawyers today over his testimony yesterday that he saw the former Patriots tight end shoot and kill two people in the South End in July of 2012.


Less than a year after he massaged his ego by putting himself at the center of his movie "Patriots Day,"  Marky-Mark Wahlberg is back in Boston this week with Will Ferrell to film "Daddy's Home 2." Sounds like another quality film. Not.

Finally, it's Common Courtesy Day, a day to say please and thank you, give up your seat on the train, slow down instead of speed up to let a driver enter traffic, and hold open a door unless it's a revolving door, in which case you could hurt yourself. In other words, stop acting like a Bostonian. Thank you.

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Thanks for reading. I don't have any problem saying "please," but letting other drivers cut me off? Have to think about that one. Send questions, comments, or news tips to, or follow me on Twitter @BostonTeresa . See you tomorrow.

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