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Cambridge to DC: Trump has got to go

Memo from Cambridge to Washington, D.C.: It’s time for Trump to go.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Memo from Cambridge to Washington, D.C.: It’s time for Trump to go.

The City Council in the famously liberal bastion on the Charles plans to consider a resolution next week asking the US House to begin an impeachment investigation into allegations that President Trump violated the Constitution.

If the resolution passes, Cambridge would become the first city in the state and the fifth in the nation to call for Trump’s removal. A copy of the measure would be sent to the local congressional delegation.

Vice Mayor Marc McGovern filed the resolution and has backing of a few other councilors, including Nadeem Mazen and Jan Devereux. “Now is the time to speak up for American values, good taste, and justice,” Mazen said.


A national effort calling for Trump’s impeachment was brought to McGovern’s attention by a local advocacy organization, CAST — Cambridge Area Stronger Together.

“It’s important especially now when the White House is attacking vulnerable people in our city . . . that local cities say, ‘We are not OK with this,’ ” McGovern said. “We have grave concerns about Mr. Trump.”

Johanna Schulman, a Cambridge resident and member of CAST’s coordinating committee, emphasized this is not a partisan issue. It is about the Emoluments Clause, which states the president cannot receive financial benefits, domestic or foreign, other than his salary. She said Trump’s business interests and hotels run afoul of this clause.

CAST leaders said they hope the City Council acts unanimously.

“When a president violates the Constitution, it’s specific and straightforward that the remedy is impeachment,” Schulman said. “If the population allows the Constitution to be knowingly, willingly, and obviously flouted, we fail in our civil obligations if we remain silent.”

Cristela Guerra

Cristela Guerra can be reached at cristela.guerra@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @CristelaGuerra.