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Seth Moulton on Syria strikes: Trump does not care enough to ‘let the victims of Assad find refuge & freedom here’

Congressman Seth Moulton.
Congressman Seth Moulton. Kieran Kesner for The Boston Globe

US Representative from Massachusetts Seth Moulton has some choice words for President Donald Trump following the US assault in Syria.

Taking to Twitter late Thursday night, Moulton called out the president for launching about 60 US Tomahawk missiles at the Shayrat air base, southeast of Homs.

“So @POTUS cares enough about the Syrian people to launch 50 Tomahawks but not enough to let the victims of Assad find refuge & freedom here,” tweeted Moulton less than an hour after the strike.

Moulton, a veteran who served in four military tours overseas, then teamed up with fellow Iraq veteran Steve Russell, a Republican representative of Oklahoma, to release a bipartisan statement.


“We cannot stand by in silence as dictators murder children with chemical weapons,” begins the statement. “But military action without clear goals and objectives gets us nowhere.”

The message from the congressmen echoes a statement made by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren regarding the attacks.

Warren also stressed the need for “clear goals and a plan to achieve them.”

“[T]he Constitution gives the power to authorize the use of military force to the legislative branch. Expanded military intervention in Syria requires action by Congress,” wrote Warren.

The issue of congressional approval roused voices on both sides of aisle, including Senator Rand Paul, who recently was seen golfing with Trump.

Trump, who as a candidate did not support US intervention in Syria and often criticized President Barack Obama for his role in Syria, did not consult congress before authorizing the airstrikes.

Thursday’s airstrikes are the first time the US has directly attacked al-Assad’s regime.

Syria is one of the countries affected by Trump’s travel ban. The order, which has been held from implementation by the courts, would have imposed a 90-day ban on travelers from Syria and cut the number of refugees in the US resettlement program this year to 50,000 people.


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