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The highest lead levels found in drinking water samples from Mass. schools
This chart shows the five worst test results of drinking water samples drawn from Mass. schools, all of which school officials said they believe had not been used for a while prior to testing. The regulatory limit for lead in drinking water in Massachusetts schools is 15 ppb. For each sample listed below, this chart includes the city and town name, the name of the school, the location within the school where the sample was taken from, the date the sample was drawn, and the results.
Regulatory limit
15 ppb
Brockton: Hancock (Bubbler Room 15 - 11/19/16)
32,400 ppb
Leicester: Leicester Memorial Elementary (015P Classroom 15 Bubbler - 10/07/16)
22,400 ppb
Lynn: Hood (Bubbler classroom 108 - 03/18/17)
12,300 ppb
New Bedford: Sgt Wm H Carney Academy (Drinking Water Bubbler Rm 203 - 11/19/16)
8,300 ppb
Lynn: Hood (Bubbler Room 208 - 02/04/17)
2,760 ppb
What those schools did in response Based on information available from the state Department of Environmental Protection and in some cases school district officials.
School Response
Brockton: Hancock Shut off fixtures with high lead levels; plan to replace with hydration stations; announcement posted on school website.
Leicester: Leicester Memorial Elementary Replaced plumbing and/or fixture; notice provided to families; retested and passed
Lynn: Hood Shut off fountains with high lead levels; may replace some plumbing; notified families
New Bedford: Sgt Wm H Carney Academy Fixtures with high lead levels shut off and are being replaced; families notified of results
Breakdown of test results by type of water source
Source Total samples tested % Above limit (15 ppb)
Classroom Faucet 22,828 9%
Drinking Water Bubbler 15,205 7%
Water Cooler 7,335 2%
Kitchen Faucet, Cold 4,519 7%
Nurse's Office Sink 1,917 5%
Bathroom Faucet 1,339 4%
Kitchen Kettle, Cold 1,206 18%
Home Economics Room, Cold 557 7%
Kitchen Ice Maker 153 1%
Service Connector 18 22%
Kitchen Kettle, Hot 14 36%
Other Location 2,301 8%
N/A 7,457 9%

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