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When it comes to Mass. speed limits, 25 is the new 30


Arlington has become the latest Massachusetts municipality to take advantage of a new state law allowing communities to lower speed limits on many of their busiest roads.

Under a state law that went into effect this past fall, cities and towns can opt to lower the speed limit for any or all municipal roads in thickly settled areas or business districts from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. (Opting in does not change the speed limit for any roads that already have special speed regulations in place, nor does it affect speed limits on state highways.)


Communities that decide to make such a change are required by the law to notify the state Department of Transportation.

A dozen communities statewide had opted in as of April 24, according to a list posted on the department’s website.

Below is that list, along with the date each community opted in and what areas the change applies to.

City/town Opt-in date Area covered
Arlington 5/1/17 Townwide
Beverly 3/17/17 Citywide
Boston 1/9/17 Citywide
Cambridge 11/7/16 Citywide
Chelsea 1/4/17 Citywide
Leominster 4/17/17 Beth Avenue from Willard Street to Central Street
Newton 3/13/17 Citywide
Randolph 3/27/17 Townwide
Revere 6/1/17 Citywide
Salem 3/22/17 Citywide
Scituate 4/5/17 Townwide
Somerville 10/25/16 Citywide
SOURCE: Massachusetts Department of Transportation

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