From Fenway’s bleachers, a personal apology

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones looked up into the bleachers Tuesday.
Orioles center fielder Adam Jones looked up into the bleachers Tuesday.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Jimi Zimmardi, has been cheering on the Red Sox from the Fenway Park bleachers since 1981, a tenure that has earned him the title of “mayor of the centerfield bleachers.”

On Tuesday, Zimmardi, 56, took it upon himself to apologize — on behalf of his fellow fans in Section 34 — to Baltimore Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones, the target of racist taunts at Fenway Monday night.

Zimmardi, who lives in Ashland, said the slurs were “disgusting,” and between innings he shouted some words of support to Jones from the stands.

“I just said, ‘Hey bro what’s going on? I’m sorry what happened last night. You know I love you and you know the people up here who know baseball love you,’ “ Zimmardi said.


Jones heard Zimmardi’s encouragement, and gave him a thumbs-up.

Other fans in Section 34 cheered for Jones.

“Only clapping for one Oriole, only one Oriole gets clapped for today,” one said. “Jones had a bad day. We’re on his side and that’s it. That’s it.”

A hotdog seller smiled and told fans to “be nice to that guy, guys.” More than once, Red Sox fans gave Jones a standing ovation as he came to the plate.

After Zimmardi’s apology, a Red Sox fan started screaming, “You suck!” at Jones as he tried to make a catch.

That drew a quick rebuke from Zimmardi.

“Don’t scream, ‘you suck!’” Zimmardi said. “Don’t you know what happened yesterday?”

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