One song that won’t be sung Monday: “Here Comes The Sun.”’

The National Weather Service said the start of the work week Monday will be accompanied by gray, rainy skies with temperatures never rising above the 50s.

And the same general conditions will last into Thursday with showers, below normal temperatures, and very little sign of the sun.

Monday “is the first in a series of cool/damp days,’’ forecasters wrote on social media. “May be almost 15 degrees below normal for some’’ communities Monday.

The rainfall may stop by Wednesday, but the skies will still be cloudy, forecasters wrote.

Forecasters are also cautioning Monday night and into Tuesday afternoon that residents in coastal communities the entire length of the state face a “moderate risk” of winds knocking down tree limbs and causing isolated power outages. The warning also applies to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, forecasters wrote.


“Moderate risk of strong northeast winds tonight into Tuesday afternoon,’’ forecasters wrote.
“These strong winds may be capable of downing a few tree limbs and branches along with isolated power outages.”

For Greater Boston, Friday is the first time meteorologists include the word “sunny” in their forecasts. And even then its described only as “partly sunny.”

National Weather Service

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