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Charlie Baker’s high-dollar Cape Cod summer plans take shape

Cigar rolling. Wine tasting. Clambake. Heavy apps. And facetime with the governor, lieutenant governor, and their top political aides at a seaside Osterville estate valued around $7 million.

For $15,000, all of this can be yours – whether you write the check yourself or get a bunch of pals to kick in and hit Governor Charlie Baker’s magic number.

The July 28th and 29th retreat at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth and the Osterville home of Bill and Ruth Ann Carey will provide those fund-raisers and donors with an hour-long “political briefing” followed by “oceanside” cocktails on Friday, according to an invitation obtained by the Globe.


On Saturday, perhaps after a little golf, the cigar rolling and wine tasting occur simultaneously, followed by the clambake at the Careys’ home.

Baker’s fundraising team has set a goal of $10 million cash on hand by Sept. 1., part of a larger objective of raising $30 million for his expected reelection bid next year. High-dollar events like next month’s Cape Cod retreat figure significantly in those plans.

So far, things seem to be going well. Baker has banked more than $200,000 since a May 16 campaign finance meeting with his political aides and fundraisers, and Polito has raised over $87,000.

The state party has netted more than $57,000. Fundraising results since that meeting for MassVictory, the federal vehicle the Baker team uses to circumvent state-level contribution limits, are not publicly available.

Baker’s team is encouraging donations to all four of those entities — all money that will be pooled for the reelection effort.

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