BOAT CRASH A stolen motor boat crashed into a house in Ossipee, N.H., early Monday morning and the driver vanished, officials said. The New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol responded to a call at 12:11 a.m. Monday of a boat crash on Ossipee Lake. Ossipee fire and police department officials found the boat still running with no one on board. The motor boat, a 22-foot-long black 2007 Four Winns, traveled around 75 feet from the water and across a beach and a road. The craft landed on the porch of the house and partially crashed through the side of the residence. The owner of the home was awoken by the crash, but was not injured. The boat had been stolen from a cluster of boats secured at a mooring field at nearby Bluffs Beach, officials said.

 CHILD CHARGED An 11-year-old boy is facing criminal charges after assaulting a Lowell police officer with a knife around 5 p.m. Sunday, according to Lowell Captain Tim Crowley. The officer was on patrol on Read Street when he noticed a crowd of people gathering around a house, Crowley said. When the officer approached, he saw the boy charge outside with a knife held over his head, aiming for a boy outside. The officer intervened and was cut on his finger and his elbow. He was taken to Lowell General Hospital, Crowley said. Crowley said an incident involving a child this young is uncommon in Lowell. “Kids should be out riding their bikes and having fun, not attacking each other with knives,” he said. The boy was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer.

 BIKES DAMAGED A Hubway station in Boston was knocked out of commission early Saturday when a man driving a Cadillac ran into it, crushing several bicycles and damaging multiple docks, according to Hubway and Boston police.


The station at Boylston and Berkeley Streets is temporarily out of service, Hubway said on its Twitter account Monday. The company said the equipment will be removed Monday and replaced by week’s end. According to police, officers responded to the intersection around 3:59 a.m. Saturday where they found a black Cadillac “in the middle of the Hubway Station with multiple damaged bicycles surrounding it.’’ The vehicle was unoccupied. Police ran the license plate, and identified its registered owner, who is a Quincy resident. But about one block away, officers spotted a man bleeding from a facial laceration and identified him as the owner. Elias Nebiyu Elias, 32, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.