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Macklemore’s new video ‘Marmalade’ takes digs at Tom Brady and Deflategate

It’s been awhile since the New England Patriots were first accused of deflating footballs before the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

A lot has happened since then. Quarterback Tom Brady served his four game suspension for the allegations, teammates have been added and traded, and, lest we forget, the Patriots trounced the Atlanta Falcons in the final moments of Super Bowl LI, in what’s been called the greatest comeback in league history.

But still, some people seem unwilling to let the Deflategate controversy go. The latest dig at Brady and his team arrived this week on YouTube, a day ahead of Brady’s 40th birthday.


On Wednesday, Seattle-based rapper Macklemore released a video for his new single, “Marmalade,” where he takes some tongue-in-cheek jabs at Brady in various ways.

The video includes references to Brady owning one of President Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hats; the team allegedly letting air out of footballs; and someone stealing Brady’s Super Bowl-winning jersey, which was swiped from the lockeroom in Houston, Texas, following the game and recovered weeks later in Mexico.

The Grammy-winning artist’s video, which has been viewed more than 3 million times in two days, follows a group of young kids — perhaps a young Macklemore and crew — as they steal the keys to a fancy car and take it for a joy ride around town.

During the outing, the kids make a pit stop at a football stadium, where they sneak through the back doors.

While running through the hallways at the stadium, one of the kids, who bears a resemblance to a miniature Lil’ Yachty, who is featured in the song, kicks open a set of doors, exposing a group of people sitting around a pile of semi-deflated footballs stacked on the table:


As the kids continue to explore the stadium undetected, the young Macklemore character makes his way into what appears to be the Patriots lockeroom. As the camera zooms in, viewers see the back of a man’s head as he puts on a red hat— an apparent reference to Brady’s “Make America Great Again” hat spotted inside his locker last season. A number “12” jersey is also draped over the locker, and when a young Macklemore steals it, the name “Brady” is visible:

After the kids have the jersey in hand, they bolt from the stadium, running past a sleeping security guard. From there, they drive the stolen vehicle to Marshawn Lynch’s house, where they exchange it for some free time swimming in Lynch’s massive backyard pool. Lynch, of course, once played for the Seattle Seahawks, and was on the team when they lost to the Patriots during Super Bowl XLIX:

The video ends as Macklemore — not the kid version, but the adult rapper — wakes up from what appears to have been a dream, as he’s forced to live with the nightmare that the Patriots are better than his beloved Seahawks.

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