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Snake on a train! Approximately 4-foot-long snake spotted on MBTA’s Red Line

Snakes on a plane? Try snakes on a train.

A Hingham woman spotted a man holding an approximately 4-foot-long snake on an MBTA Red Line train on Monday afternoon, uploading a video of the snake moving around in the man’s arms to Snapchat and Twitter.

Anne Keane said the man was sitting right near the train doors when she got on a Braintree-bound Red Line car at South Station around 3:45 p.m.

“I was kind of shocked but also kind of not shocked,” Keane said. “I’ve seen some weird stuff on the train, but this is probably the weirdest for sure.”


Keane said many passengers were making eye contact with other riders — “There were definitely people giving looks like, ‘What’s going on over there?’” she said.

There were even some curious onlookers who gathered around the serpent — and one person who asked to touch the snake was granted his wish.

“There were a bunch of people standing around him, genuinely interested in the snake,” Keane said. “One guy asked if he could hold it, so he actually held it while his friend took photos.”

A man brought a snake onto a Red Line MBTA train on Monday afternoon.Courtesy of Anne Keane

Keane said she snapped a few photos and a short video clip to show her friends and family back home in Michigan.

“I’m always trying to explain the crazy things that happen here, and they always tell me I need a photo to prove it,” Keane, who works at a marketing agency in downtown Boston, said. “So I had to take a Snapchat. I got tons of responses and Twitter was blowing up from it.”

Keane said she jokingly asked the T on Twitter what the policy on loose snakes was — and she actually got a response from the agency, complete with a link to the MBTA’s policy on pets on the train.


“They said during peak rush hour it had to be in a small box, but like, what happens during non-peak hours?” Keane mused over the phone.

However, an MBTA spokesman said in an e-mail to the Globe that pets like the snake “should be transported in a secured carrier at all times.”

“We ask pet owners to please be considerate and use common sense while traveling on a subway train or bus,” T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said.

The snake spotting on Monday brings back memories of Penelope, a Dumeril’s boa who slipped away from her owner in 2011 on the Red Line. Penelope was missing for more than a month before a passenger spotted her and alerted an MBTA official, ultimately leading to her capture.

Melissa Moorhouse and husband, Ray, with their boa, Penelope.Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff/2011