Seven teens charged in Quincy pier attack

Seven male teenagers face 18 charges each, including kidnapping and assault and battery, for allegedly attacking another group of teens on a Quincy pier last month, State Police said.

The incident was captured on a video posted on social media that showed the teens taunting and kicking five other teens on July 31, State Police said in a statement.

The video, which has been viewed more than 40,000 times since it was posted on Instagram Aug. 1, shows two boys being thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked on a pier at Squantum Point Park.


The boys who were attacked appear to walk away from the scene at the end of the video, which lasts less than a minute and was posted with the hashtag #QuincyVsMilton.

The teens charged include a 17-year-old, three 16-year-olds, and two 15-year-olds from Quincy, and a 14-year-old from Kingston.

Each faces 18 separate counts of offenses, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a shod foot) assault and battery, assault, and kidnapping. The kidnapping charges stem from the teens’ refusal to allow the victims to leave the pier, the statement said.

The victims, who are also juveniles, have not been identified.

The motive for the attack remains under investigation, said State Police spokesman David Procopio.

“The evidence suggests that the attack was completely unprovoked by these five victims,” he said.

The teens will be arraigned at Quincy District Court at a future date, police said.

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