But will he run the trains on time?

That question remains unanswered for now — but you can learn more about the MBTA’s new general manager, Luis Ramirez, by checking out his musings on politics on a blog for TodoModo Group, his consulting company.

The son of a Cuban refugee, Ramirez reflected on the death of Fidel Castro in November, saying the dictator was the reason “our family has triumphed in the U.S. and our Cuban family on the island have not.”

He has also said President Trump had “every right to fire” former FBI Director James Comey, celebrated Trump’s tightening of travel restrictions to Cuba, and suggested Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord will not restore coal jobs.


His most recent post came after the much-watched defeat in June of Democrat Jon Ossoff by Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

“In all seriousness, isn’t this another ‘wake-up’ call for the DNC?” he asked.

“Are their political operatives responding to the issues that most voters really care about? In my opinion, trying to change a state from red to blue is no easier than going from blue to red. Perhaps, if the DNC had actually endorsed a candidate with Handel’s CV, the results might have been different. Picking the right horse is just as important as having the right strategy,” he observed, before pivoting to a business lesson.

“How can you apply this to your business? Don’t enter markets you can’t win. Take a look at Nike’s new business strategy,” he concluded, linking to a New York Times story about the strategy.

The blog appears to generally steer clear of controversy.

Ramirez, who has been specializing in business turnarounds, is a former General Electric Co. executive with no experience in public transit. He will oversee a network that handles more than 1 million subway, bus, and commuter rail rides a day.


Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said Tuesday that wasn’t a problem.

“In fact, transit expert was not high on our priority list when we launched the search for a new general manager,” Pollack said at an event Tuesday announcing Ramirez’s appointment. “What we wanted was a successful and seasoned executive with a proven track record at leading complex organizations through transformation and change.”