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An adolescent girl was sexually assaulted at the outdoor shower at the Shirley Avenue bathhouse on Revere Beach on Tuesday night, and State Police are now searching for her assailant.

According to State Police spokesman David Procopio, the teenager was using the shower around 7 p.m. Tuesday when the suspect tried to strike up a conversation, leading the girl to try to leave the shower area.

“When the girl tried to get away from the assailant, he grabbed her, prevented her from leaving, and sexually assaulted her,” Procopio wrote in an e-mail Wednesday.

The girl broke away from the assailant and reported what had happened to an adult family member, who brought her to the State Police barracks on Revere Beach, he wrote.


“The girl was interviewed and then transported to a Boston hospital for examination,’’ Procopio wrote.

The suspect was described as a young, light-skinned Hispanic male, State Police said. The suspect is around 6 feet tall with a slender build and hair braided tightly against his scalp. He was wearing a bathing suit and was shirtless during the assault, according to State Police, which dispatched its forensic unit to the scene Tuesday night.

Prior to the assault, the suspect might have been wearing a dark tank top and black shorts, and rode a mountain bike “on and near Revere Beach” Tuesday afternoon, Procopio said Wednesday.

He might also have been following another young woman on the beach Tuesday midafternoon, Procopio said. He might have also caught up with her and tried to speak with her.

State Police urged anyone who might have seen the suspect at any time Tuesday, or witnessed the assault or the earlier interaction the suspect might have had with a woman, to contact State Police at 508-820-2121.

State Police had a heightened presence at Revere Beach Wednesday, Procopio said.


The investigation is ongoing, State Police said.

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