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Sandy’s Variety Store in Dorchester was abuzz Thursday after a $1 millon winning Powerball ticket was sold there — by a clerk who says he has the magic touch.

“This is my second time selling a $1 million ticket,” said Abdullah Mahmud, 23, of Dorchester. He said he sold his first while working at a nearby market on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester.

Asked if he was a good luck charm, he said, “I guess so. But not for me.”

The million-dollar prize, while nothing to sniff at, pales next to the $758.7 million jackpot that was drawn Wednesday night, the largest ever won on a single ticket, following weeks of lottery fever.


That ticket was sold to Mavis Wanczyk, 53, of Chicopee, at Pride Station & Store on Montgomery Street in that Western Massachusetts city. Two $1 million tickets were also sold, one at Sandy’s and one at Handy Variety in Watertown, which was originally misidentified as the place where the mammoth jackpot winner was sold.

In an odd encounter, a woman who was in Sandy’s Variety Thursday morning asked a reporter cryptically what he would ask the $1 million winner. Then she answered the questions.

“I would pay off all my debts, pay off my daughter’s student loans,” the woman said. “My daughter, she’s going to say, ‘Where’s my Jeep?’”

As she left the store, she told a reporter, “Remember my face,” and said that she wouldn’t reveal more of her winning plans.

“First, I have to ask somebody a question,” she said.

Mahmud said later in a telephone interview that he believed she was the person who had bought the million-dollar ticket.

Other Sandy’s customers said they were glad to hear someone had bought a ticket worth $1 million at the Fields Corner shop, even if it wasn’t the big prize.


“I’m happy that people win,” said Julio Feliz, 64, of Dorchester. Feliz said he frequents Sandy’s, at 378 Washington St., several times a day, and he wasn’t too disappointed he didn’t win — even though he bought five Powerball tickets there before Wednesday’s drawing.

Mahmud was also excited such a large prize was sold at the store.

“I feel happy, you know, because finally we sell a million-dollar ticket here,” Mahmud said. “It’s a really, really big thing.

“I wish we could have the biggest one, have the big jackpot, but it’s pretty good, anyway,” he said. “This is the place.”

Mahmud said he didn’t know that Sandy’s had sold the million-dollar winner until he came into work Thursday morning around 6 a.m., and saw news crews camped out by the corner store.

“This morning I came in here to open the store and I see so many news channels out here,” Mahmud said. “I thought something happened last night, and then [Feliz] came. He said, ‘You guys sold the million-dollar ticket.’”

Customers filtering into the store seemed to know Sandy’s had sold a winner, and several more lottery tickets were purchased there early Thursday.

“Everybody’s saying congratulations,” Mahmud said.

The owners of Sandy’s will receive $10,000 from the state lottery for selling the $1 million ticket. Mahmud also hopes the ticket’s winner will come back to the store and share their newfound fortune as well, though he’s not sure that will happen.


“People come over here and say ‘OK, let me get a Powerball. If I win, I’ll get you,’ and they never come back,” Mahmud said.

Still, he hopes whoever took home the million gets the most out of their prize.

“Enjoy the life,” Mahmud said.

Ben Thompson can be reached at ben.thompson@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @Globe_Thompson