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Powerball jackpot winner instantly a member of the top 0.01%, worth more than some countries

Win a $758-million jackpot and you will instantly ...

Become a member of the top 0.01 percent

According to a study published last year by a pair of top economists, the top 0.01 percent of families in the United States, as of 2012, were those with more than $100 million.

The study said that only about 16,000 families nationwide had that level of wealth as of 2012.

And be worth more than the gross domestic product of at least 10 small countries

The GPD (a key measure of a country’s economy) in 2016 for each of the following places, all of which are island nations, was lower than the lottery jackpot payout, based on available data from the World Bank:

• Comoros — $616.65 million

• Dominica — $525.42 million

• Tonga — $395.16 million


• Sao Tome and Principe — $351.05 million

• Micronesia, Fed. Sts. — $322 million

• Palau — $293 million

• Marshall Islands — $183 million

• Kiribati — $165.77 million

• Nauru — $102.06 million

• Tuvalu — $34.22 million


Another interesting note: Most jackpot winners take the lump-sum cash option

Based on available data for Powerball jackpot winners since 2003, 187 out of the 195 jackpot prizes, or 96 percent, were taken as a one-time, lump-sum cash payment. (Not counting the jackpot won Wednesday.)

In only four cases since 2003 did winners chose to receive their prize in 30 annual payments.

In two other cases, some of the winnings were taken as a lump-sum cash payment and the rest as annuity payments.

In one of those cases in Aug. 2006, 100 co-workers at a Wisconsin cheese company who pooled their money to buy Powerball tickets split the $208.6 million prize, with each getting the option to pick either annuity or lump-sum payments.

In the other case in April 2006, a group of 13 state employees in Missouri split a $224.2 million jackpot. Media reports at the time said the workers agreed to take the lump-sum payment, but Powerball records indicate a mix of payout options were selected.


And, believe it or not two jackpots went unclaimed.

One of three winning tickets sold for a $50-million drawing in May 2013 was never claimed. The ticket, worth $16 million, was sold at a Tampa Bay-area convenience store. (The other two winning tickets for that drawing, sold in Delaware and Louisiana, were claimed.)

The other unclaimed jackpot, the lone winning ticket for $77.1 million, was sold in Georgia for a drawing in June 2011.

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