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Who is Mavis Wanczyk, the winner of the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot?

Mavis Wanczyk.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

It was the story that swept the nation early Thursday: Someone had won a $758.7 million jackpot off a single Powerball ticket, and that ticket was sold right here in Massachusetts.

On Thursday afternoon, Massachusetts Lottery officials introduced the winner to the nation: Mavis L. Wanczyk.

So just who is Wanczyk, and what is she going to do with all that money? Here’s a look at the nation’s newest multi-millionaire.

• Wanczyk is 53 years old, and has two adult children — a daughter and a son.

• She said she has worked in patient care at Mercy Medical Center for the past 32 years — “I’ve called them and told them I will not be coming back,” she told a group of reporters, eliciting laughter and applause.


• She seems pretty overwhelmed by her winnings, and doesn’t seem to have huge plans yet on what to do with them: “The first thing I want to do is just sit back and relax,” Wanczyk said. She also acknowledged that she was a little scared: “I want to just be me and be alone and. . . figure out what I want to do,” she said. She also said the way she was going to celebrate Thursday night was staying in bed.

• Wanczyk didn’t seem to be actively keeping an eye on the winning numbers. She said she found out she won when a colleague told her the winning numbers — numbers that lined up perfectly with what she’d picked.

• Wanczyk said the numbers she picked were mostly random and based on birthdays and her lucky number in Keno — four. “I just happened to choose, and it worked to my advantage,” she said.

• She chose the lump sum instead of the monthly payments. She’ll receive $480 million, or $336 million after taxes.


• With her win, Wanczyk is now in the top 0.01 percent in the United States, and is worth more than several small countries.

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