Mayan Queen IV superyacht pulls into Boston Harbor

The 305-foot Mayan Queen IV pulled into the harbor Friday afternoon near Commercial Wharf.
The 305-foot Mayan Queen IV pulled into the harbor Friday afternoon near Commercial Wharf. Nicholas Pfosi for The Boston Globe

For the second time this summer, a billionaire boater has pulled his superyacht into Boston Harbor for a little R&R.

The 305-foot Mayan Queen IV pulled into the harbor Friday afternoon near Commercial Wharf and docked in the same spot as the 315-foot Vava II, which cruised in about a month ago.

A large “B,” an apparent reference to the Mayan Queen IV’s owner, Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères, graced the side of the vessel as it sat in the harbor Friday directly behind a smaller boat dubbed the Huntress.

Sean Maloney, of Saugus, and his friend, Keri DeFrancesco, of Woburn, were among the strollers promenading along the harbor dock who stopped to gaze at the visiting Queen.


“It’s impressive,” Maloney said. “I’ll take two.”

DeFrancesco also have the boat high marks.

“It’s pretty gorgeous,” she said. “Pretty amazing.”

Baillères had the $140 million yacht built in 2008, according to the website superyachtfan.com.

“Not much is known about her interior and there are no interior photos available,” the site says. “We do know the VIP suite has an ‘invisible’ balcony. A balcony platform slides out from the superstructure when needed, preserving the yacht’s sleek lines.”

It can accommodate up to 16 guests and 24 crew members, according to the site.

The ship has previously made stops at destinations including London, Honduras, Sidney, Auckland, and the Aegean Sea, the website says.

It remains to be seen whether Baillères’s boat will generate as much buzz as the Vava II, which is owned by Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli and his wife, Kirsty, a former Miss United Kingdom title-holder and singer. That boat caused a minor stir among harbor walkers who stopped to gawk at its immaculate exterior.

Paula Taylor, a North End resident, told the Globe on Aug. 2 that she came to the harbor three times to see the Vava II.


“She’s fabulous,” Taylor said at the time.

As for Baillères, the Mayan Queen IV’s owner, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index pegs his net worth at $13.6 billion.

He controls Industrias Penoles, a company that last year was the world’s largest producer of refined silver, the index says. He has several other holdings including a minority stake in Coca-Cola bottler Femsa, according to the index.

And while he may have a big boat, the titan of industry has an even bigger heart.

He has previously been awarded “a Gold Medal by the Americas Society for his philanthropy,” the index says.

Does that include free rides?

Steve Annear of the Globe Staff contributed to this report. Travis Andersen can be reached at travis.andersen@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @TAGlobe.