Haverhill police get their men, show off knack for poetry

Haverhill police not only get their men - they also have a something of a knack for poetry.

Police posted their own version of the classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” that detailed how a neighbor who alerted police after spotting two men stealing packages from porches. With information and photos from the neighbor, police pursued and captured the suspects.

Police posted photos that showed officers, their arms laden with gifts, rushing to return the purloined items to their rightful owners.


Here is the Haverhill police version of the poem also known as “The Night Before Christmas”:

“Twas the month before Christmas, when somewhere in the City, two men were stirring, about to act very silly.

Packages were being placed at houses with care, in hopes that upon the owner’s return, the items would still be there.

The items were taken by two men who thought they had nothing to fear, both unaware that an alert neighbor was near.

The neighbor followed the men, wasting no time, grabbing their phone to report the crime.

Dispatch answered the phone with such a clatter, speaking to the caller, asking “What is the matter?”

The caller reported the problem, as the thieves ran away, while officers responded in their all-wheel drive sleighs.

So Officer Cooper in his badge and his cap, would soon arrive on scene with a plan for a trap.

The thieves took off, running down through a hollow, hoping that their pursuers would not follow.

Cooper followed their trail as they tried to hide, calling in his location, running in stride.

The sight of the thieves was quite stunning, but no matter what, they just kept running.

When, what to wondering eyes should appear, but several more cruisers, and eight of his peers,

More rapid than eagles his back up came, and he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

“Detectives Burrill, Bailey, Arriaga, and Harrison,

Officers Powell, Donnelly, Connolly and Lynch,

These officers, moving so lively and quick, in a moment the handcuffs would go on with a satisfying click.

The gifts were returned, the thieves went to cells, and all of the Officers were pleased with themselves.

As the day came to an end, a faint cry could be heard in the fading light,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!”

John R. Ellement can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @JREbosglobe.