In Chelsea, a little boy’s wish comes true

photos by Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Chelsea police officers in November made the dreams of terminally ill toddler Edison Cordero come true after his mother, Sandra, arrived at the department and told them that her son’s greatest wish was to meet a real-life police officer.

Within the hour, eight officers — the entire day-shift staff — arrived at the family’s home, bringing presents and letting the 2-year-old sit in their patrol cars.

This week, an even larger group of police officers came to Edison’s house with an early Christmas present: an electronic police car big enough for the toddler to ride in. The toy car is fully detailed with Chelsea police logos and has been made an honorary unit in the city’s fleet.


As they did last month, officers lined up their patrol cars along Webster Avenue, sirens loud and lights blazing blue. The group brought along a 9-foot-tall Christmas tree, a child-sized police uniform, and toys, as well as a certificate declaring Edison an honorary police officer.

The Boston Police Department also donated $5,000 to help the family with expenses during the holidays.