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    It’s so cold that . . . we want your jokes

    Boston, MA., 12/26/17, It's cold in Boston and going to be cold for a couple of weeks. The Post Office Square area still had snow in the streets that needed to be walked around. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff
    Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff
    It continues to be cold in Boston.

    OK, we get it, you’re funnier than we are.

    Here at the Globe we were weary of this unrelenting, uncomfortable, even dangerous cold weather. (Not to mention the snowstorm that’s on the way.) We bet that you were, too. So we threw out a few “It’s so cold . . .” jokes and asked you to brainstorm some of your own.

    Well, the weather may be cold, but you readers were on fire.


    Here’s a (family-friendly) selection of some of the quips you submitted:

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    It is so cold that . . .

    It’s so cold, I ate lunch at McDonald’s just for the heartburn. — Pat L.

    It’s so cold that my Uber last night was being pulled by a reindeer with a red nose. — Jeff Medoff

    It’s so cold that New Englanders are ordering coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts that’s actually hot. — (Several readers)


    It’s so cold that the Hood Milk Bottle has become vanilla ice cream. — Matt Kona

    It’s so cold that the Boston Bruins went into hibernation. — Matt Kona

    It’s so cold that the Red Line turned blue. — Michael Graca

    It’s so cold Amtrak switched from Quiet to Shivering cars. — Bennett Alper

    It’s so cold Attorney General Maura Healey has filed a class action suit against a tray of ice cubes. — Bennett Alper


    It’s so cold that my Fitbit gave me the day off. — Jeff Medoff

    It’s so cold that Duck Boats are driving themselves south for the winter. — Jeff Medoff

    It’s so cold our snowman keeps banging on the back door to come into the house. — Peter Campbell

    It’s so cold that the yellow lines on our street turned blue. — Richard Terrio

    It’s so cold that extra sessions are being planned at the State House so the political hot air can heat the city. — Bob Keyes

    It’s so cold that I’ve got a brain freeze just thinking about it. — Carlos Rosales

    It’s so cold out I saw a chicken with a cape on. — Several readers (not clear why everyone loves this classic)

    It’s so cold Keytar Bear is wearing two suits. — Matthew Breen

    It’s so cold Gillette has encouraged everyone to just grow beards. — Matthew Breen

    It’s so cold my freezer is jealous. — Heather Whitney

    It’s so cold my car pouts when it sees me. — Heather Whitney

    It’s so cold a cold shower feels warm. — Heather Whitney

    It’s so cold that Grandma’s teeth were chattering in the glass by the bed. — Bonnie Wagner

    It’s so cold lawyers/lawmakers have their hands in their own pockets. — Several readers

    It’s so cold Boston City Hall looks warm and inviting. — Conor Yunits

    It’s so cold that the Canada geese near the Charles River are all wearing Canada Goose jackets. — Matt Kona

    It’s so cold that even the T realizes it’s not autumn. — Vincent Lee

    It’s so cold that I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant. — (Several readers)

    It’s so cold that when we talk our words come out as ice cubes — and we have to microwave them just to hear what we said. — Ron Slaby

    It’s so cold that Hell is booked solid until April — pete74

    It’s so cold that Cryotherapy West Roxbury now offers outdoor seating. — joeleguy

    It’s so cold I just sent the best joke but you’ll have to wait three days for it to thaw. — timfromvt

    Watch what happens when you blow bubbles in these super cold temperatures