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Jim Cantore helped a Rockport woman during a broadcast

It seems even the worst nor’easter can bring out the best in people.

Jim Cantore, a fan-favorite meteorologist known for his enthusiastic reporting for The Weather Channel, took a break from reporting on the winter storm battering Massachusetts on Thursday to help a flustered woman.

In the middle of his broadcast on the flooding that was hammering Rockport, Cantore stopped mid-sentence to help a woman get her car out from under a quickly flooding parking lot.

Cantore calmly spoke to the woman, telling her he would help and shouting orders to another man as the pair helped drag her car from the water.


Once she was out, Cantore signaled for her to drive away from the flooded area.

“We’ve been seeing that here for the last half-hour, 45 minutes. This [Chrysler] LeBaron is probably toast if nobody comes for that anytime soon,” Cantore said afterwards, as the camera panned toward another car that was parked in the lot.

This isn’t the first time Cantore has gone a bit off script on camera. In 2015, a video of the meteorologist reacting exuberantly to several instances of thundersnow went viral — in fact, The Weather Channel’s YouTube clip of the incident has 4.7 million views.