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Dog separated from owner when its leash gets stuck in MBTA train door

This dog was separated from its owner briefly on the Orange Line Tuesday. The doors opened again and the dog was returned safely to its owner.Krista Magnuson

One dog owner got a scare Tuesday afternoon when the doors of an MBTA train suddenly shut behind her, and her pet was still on board.

It happened around 4:39 p.m. as the woman was exiting an Orange Line train at Tufts Medical Center, and the doors closed before her pooch got off the train, witnesses said.

Krista Magnuson was on the train when it happened and took a photo of the dog sitting patiently with its leash stuck between the doors, looking at its helpless owner standing on the subway platform, holding the other end of the leash.

“People were pretty concerned, as you can see if you look at faces in the photo,” Magnuson said in an e-mail to the Globe.


“The owner was definitely freaking out, entirely understandably.”

Magnuson said the dog remained calm during the ordeal, and several passengers were ready to let the pup loose if the train started moving. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

In a matter of minutes, the doors opened (an MBTA worker had to pry one side open from the outside, Magnuson said) and the anxious owner was reunited with her pet.

But the problem with the train doors didn’t end there, Magnuson said.

The doors apparently got stuck again so all of the passengers had to exit and move to another car.

“Which wasn’t easy, as it was pretty full,” she said.

But everyone was happy that the woman got her pup back.

“Yes, everyone seemed quite relieved,” she said. “I definitely was. Then we all stood around for a few more minutes before being directed to move to another car.”

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the transit agency was happy the dog was unharmed.

“The MBTA is pleased that the dog is safe, and we urge customers to keep their pets very close to them when boarding or exiting trains,” Pesaturo said in an e-mail.


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