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‘Luke, I am your snowman’

George Li carved a Darth Vader snowman for his son, Tanner, on a sidewalk in the Leather District. On Wednesday morning, Tanner confronted the icy villain.

On Wednesday morning, a 7-year-old Jedi confronted a snowy Sith Lord before going off to school.

George Li worked for nearly four hours Tuesday night to construct a life-size Darth Vader out of snow as a surprise for his 7-year-old son, Tanner.

Li, an engineer, used a snow shovel and scissors to shape the “Star Wars” villain’s armor, helmet, and cape.

Tanner considers himself a padawan, or apprentice, of Luke Skywalker himself. And the young Jedi was not shy about bringing his lightsaber to confront his snow nemesis.

Then he took pictures next to it.

“We saw ‘Star Wars’ two or three weeks ago,” the elder Li said. “I just know the old Darth Vader. He’s more iconic.”


Someone decided to rip Vader’s lightsaber off the snow figure at some point, so Li, 49, planned to reconstruct it.

If the force is with you, you can find the Darth Vader snowman at the intersection of Beach Street and Utica Avenue in Boston’s Leather District. But do not delay. Warmer temperatures and a rainy forecast could destroy Vader faster than a fall into the Death Star’s reactor core.

Last year, Li built snow Batman after watching “The LEGO Batman Movie” with his son. And three years ago, Li carved “B STRONG” into a snow mound on Boston Common. He also sculpted an Easter bunny in the Public Garden. He enjoys working in snow as long as he has warm gloves. His son always loves it.

“It’s kind of nice as you start doing it and it takes shape,” he said. “People stop and admire it and you can interact with your neighbors as they walk by walking their dog.”

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