Storm blew historic building to Canada; Maine wants it back

The coastal town of Lubec, Maine, saw high winds and strong tides during a winter storm.

LUBEC, Maine (AP) — A fishing-industry building on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places is half-submerged on a Canadian island — and could disintegrate before legal tangles are resolved.

The Bangor Daily News reports that the Jan. 4 blizzard tore the brine shed from McCurdy’s Smokehouse off Lubec, Maine, and it was blown to nearby Campobello Island in New Brunswick.

McCurdy’s is the last traditional smoked-herring facility in the U.S., and an organization called Lubec Landmarks has worked for almost 25 years to preserve it.


Lubec Landmarks President Rachel Rubeor said legal tangles, including salvage rights claims by some Canadian citizens, could doom the building.

Rubeor said she fears vandals will ‘‘cannibalize our building’’ before the issues are sorted out. Some lumber already has been removed.