Firefighters rescued a brown and gray long-haired cat after finding it frozen into Country Pond in Newton, N.H., Thursday morning, officials said.

“The cat’s two back paws and tail were frozen into the ice,” Newton firefighter-EMT Sean Kane said. “It had a big piece of ice chunk on its back. But it was alive.”

Police suspect the cat lay down in the sun Wednesday and ended up freezing into a layer of ice on the pond.

The Fire Department arrived at the pond at 9 a.m., and firefighters poured warm water on the cat to loosen it up. After getting it off the ice, they wrapped towels around it and put it on a heating pad to fully warm it up, police said.


It was transferred to the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham, after veterinarian recommendations that the cat receive medical attention in case it was in pain as it thawed out.

The cat didn’t have a collar or any identification, Kane said, and officials suspect it’s a feral neighborhood cat.

Police request that anyone with information about the cat call 603-382-6774.

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