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Orange Line ceiling panel falls. T maintenance crew is on it

Juliana Piemonte/Twitter

Ever feel like your world is caving in? A small part of it was for a few Orange Line riders Thursday morning.

Shortly after 8 a.m., Juliana Piemonte, a 24-year-old account executive at a staffing software firm, posted a photo of a ceiling panel that had partially collapsed on an Orange Line car. The picture showed a couple hands pushing the panel back up to its proper position under the caption, “My morning commute summed up in the following tweets.”

The MBTA responded on Twitter.

“Hi Juliana. Thank you for reporting this,” the T said on its official Twitter feed. “Orange Line maintenance personnel have been notified and will ensure this is remedied asap.”


Joe Pesaturo, a T spokesman, said in an e-mail that a crew had fixed the problem.

“An Orange Line supervisor boarded the train at Downtown Crossing, and secured the dropped panel,” Pesaturo wrote. “Vehicle maintenance personnel are investigating the cause.”

In a phone interview, Piemonte, of Somerville, said she believed the panel fell as the train was approaching Haymarket.

“It was actually right above me,” she said. “It didn’t hit me, because this gentleman next to me was a little bit taller.” The man caught the loose portion of the panel and pushed it back up, she said.

Piemonte said that while screws appeared to be missing from the panel, the part that had fallen was secured by a rope from inside the ceiling, “so it just kind of tilted down.”

She depends on the Orange Line to get to work, and Thursday’s mishap won’t alter her routine.

“I have to keep riding the Orange Line,” she said, adding that the panel problem was probably an isolated incident. “I’m certainly not going to be looking at the ceiling every time I walk in.”

Meanwhile another T rider had a helpful suggestion for his compatriots on the subway.


“Gotta start wearing a helmet on your morning commute!” the man tweeted.

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