GOP consultant’s websites get trolled

Barry Chin/The Boston Globe

Republican Geoff Diehl officially kicked off his campaign for the US Senate against Elizabeth Warren in August.

By Globe Staff 

Political opponents and reporters know that Republican campaign consultant Holly Robichaud can give as good as anyone in a tough confrontation.

So it’s no surprise — at least to her — that one of her political enemies is sneaking around behind a cyber curtain to prank her.


Robichaud is senior campaign consultant to state Representative Geoff Diehl, who is running for the GOP nomination to oppose US Senator Elizabeth Warren. But an online prankster has finagled her website so that visitors to automatically redirects to the website of one of Diel’s primary opponents, businessman John Kingston.

Try to access (a website that she says she never created), and an unflattering Boston Herald story about Robichaud pops up.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the pranksters signed her up on a Republican dating website, causing a barrage of e-mails to flood into her account from men wanting to meet GOP women.

Robichaud sloughed off the matter, saying it was coming from her political opponents.

“We’re going to stay focused on Elizabeth Warren and they can play childish pranks,’’ she said. “I don’t see how this cyber bullying moves the agenda any further and merely reflects their characters.”


A representative of the Kingston campaign says the pranks on Robichaud’s websites did not come from them.

“Clearly someone has a sense of humor, but it certainly wasn’t the Kingston campaign and we don’t know who it was,’’ said Jon Conradi, a Kingston spokesman.

Still, the taunting is coming from some curious sources. Take, for example, Christopher Walton, the GOP state committeeman from Princeton. He tweeted this week asking his followers to check out the website of Robichaud, who he said, “is probably having a bad day.”

Walton sits on the party’s delegate credential committee for its convention — a position that requires some objectivity and distance from intra-party frays. Also, further muddling the picture, Walton is full-in with the third major candidate in the GOP race, Beth Lindstrom.

“Like so many of my colleagues on the state committee and other elected officials I am a volunteer for one of the campaigns,” Walton said. “I maintain I will abide by the convention rules and be unbiased as a member of the credentials committee.”

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