Read a statement from Boston Area Rape Crisis Center executive director Gina Scaramella on the name of the future casino in Everett.

“We are at a tipping point in how our culture responds to sexual harassment and assault. Massachusetts has an important opportunity to show leadership by demanding that the companies who do business here are held accountable when they look the other way in response to reports of workplace sexual harassment and abuse. We must do this not because survivors of sexual assault need to be shielded from Wynn’s name. They do not. Survivors routinely navigate hundreds of reminders of what they’ve experienced in their daily lives. We must do this because our community and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should not get stuck with a monument to a man forced out of his job due to multiple allegations of sexual assault, and whose name now joins those of other high-profile offenders of sexual violence, including Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar. Forcing Wynn’s name from this project will not undo the damage caused by decades of sexual assault, but we have a choice. Let’s insist on community accountability.”