Scott Lively appeals to Maura Healey on state GOP’s decision to back Charlie Baker

Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Scott Lively is seeking the help of Attorney General Maura Healey in dealing with a Republican establishment that has rejected his candidacy.

By Globe Staff 

GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively, who has spent much of his life in a worldwide crusade against what he denounces as the LGBTQ “agenda,” is turning to the openly gay Democratic attorney general, Maura Healey, for help in dealing with a Republican establishment that has rejected his candidacy.

In a letter to Healey, Lively is accusing Governor Charlie Baker, the House minority leader, and GOP leadership of committing felonious crimes — namely, hijacking the Massachusetts Republican Party and manipulating its rules to freeze him out of the race.


“It is our contention that both misdemeanors and felonies [were] committed by the Mass GOP,” Lively wrote in a letter to Healey, one of the most popular figures in the state Democratic Party.

He lambasted the GOP executive committee’s action last week to formally back Baker and his running mate, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, in the primary. The GOP’s move follows a Globe report that the party was organizing petition drives for the ticket — typically a no-no under party rules, unless two-thirds of the executive committee approves it.

“We argue that constitutional Due Process protections prohibit the change from being instituted during the course of an active election season in which a candidate has relied upon the policy in deciding to run as a Republican rather than as an Independent or a Democrat,” he wrote.

In his missive, Lively also told Healey that the party’s action was based on his “religious and religiously-derived political views,” which he called a “a gross violation of the Equal Protection clause.”

And Lively took particular umbrage at House minority leader Bradley H. Jones’s resolution, which contained a statement that Lively “claims that the Holocaust was perpetrated by homosexuals.” He strongly denies the allegations, saying Jones misinterprets the 1995 book he coauthored, “The Pink Swastika.”


But that could be tough to get Jones to admit he was wrong. In that book, Lively claims he has documentation proving “homosexuals as the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.”

In regards to Lively’s more current charges against the state GOP, Healey’s office declined to comment.

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