Keep your shovels ready. Another storm is lurking offshore

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

A woman shoveled a walkway in Savin Hill.

By Globe Staff 

When you finish clearing the snow today, you might want to leave your shovel within reach.

Another storm could hit the region early next week, and though forecasters are still highly uncertain about what it will do, there’s a chance of some accumulating snow Monday and Tuesday.


“We know there’s going to be some sort of storm system moving off the coast. Obviously the question is, how close does it pass offshore?” National Weather Service meteorologist Joe DelliCarpini said.

If the storm hits New England, inland areas are most likely to see significant accumulation. Rain is more likely along the coast, though that could change as the forecast comes into focus over the weekend.

Late-season winter storms are not so unusual in a region that has seen damaging snowfalls into April.

But DelliCarpini said we are undoubtedly on the upswing despite the rough weather recently. Days are getting warmer, and the sun’s rays are becoming more direct as spring moves in.

“That makes it harder for snow to accumulate, unless it really comes down hard, which makes it kind of rare,” DelliCarpini said.

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