Duxbury kids hitch ride with firefighters on flooded street to attend school

Duxbury Fire Department

Lilly, Phoenix, and Julian Soares caught a ride with Duxbury firefighters Thursday morning to get to school.

By Elise Takahama Globe Correspondent 

After their town saw massive flooding from Friday’s nor’easter and the latest storm, three Duxbury kids found a different way to get to school Thursday morning — a high water rescue truck.

Joe Soares, their father, called the Duxbury Fire Department at 9:15 a.m. after deciding the water on his street was too treacherous to try and get through.


“Yesterday I was taking them on a paddleboard with our dog, one kid at a time,” Soares said. “We just had to get across the street, where we had a rental vehicle parked. But today I thought it was a little too cold and windy.”

So Duxbury firefighters sent their high water rescue vehicle to the Soares’ home on Plymouth Avenue to pick up the kids — 10-year-old Lilly, 11-year-old Phoenix, and 15-year-old Julian — who go to Alden School, Duxbury Middle School, and Duxbury High School.

“They were impressed and excited,” Soares said. “I want them to be overachievers and learn to just get things done. They had a blast.”

Fire Captain Rob Reardon said it was the first time he had received a request to bring students to school.

“I put on a survival suit and went into the water and carried them over to the truck,” he said. “We’ll do anything we can to help people out.”


The fire department is still working to drain the streets of water, which were up to 4 feet deep this morning, Reardon said. The town was flooded by astronomical high tides during Friday’s nor’easter and rains from Wednesday’s storm.

“The state should be stepping up to the plate, and have a pumping machine come in and take care of this,” Soares said. “It’s something they should be prepared for. We’re kind of blowing away.”

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