The only thing missing from the scene was a Tauntaun, the horned creatures that roam the snow-covered planet Hoth in the “Star Wars” films.

After rain from the nor’easter turned to snow late Wednesday night, blanketing the region, 15-year-old Alex Wymer took to the streets outside of his Newton home to practice his lightsaber skills. What else is there to do when school is canceled the next day?

While swinging around the double-bladed weapon, his father, Greg Wymer, stood by the window and watched as the red beams cast a fiery and hypnotizing glow on the ground.


“He had been out about ten minutes and I walked to the window and saw what it looked like,” Greg Wymer said. “There was the coolness of the glowing on the white snow.”

Greg Wymer shot a video, overlaid it with music from “Star Wars,” and posted it to Twitter, where the 31-second clip was picked up by both local and national news outlets and viewed thousands of times.

“I think we were surprised how quickly it went [viral],” he said. “It’s ‘Star Wars.’ So that’s why.”

Alex Wymer also posted the video to his own account, writing, “Grab a lightsaber, go into the empty streets, swing to your heart’s content.”

Unlike most “Star Wars” fanatics, Alex Wymer leans more toward the dark side of the Force, rather than cozying up with the likes of Luke Skywalker, his father said.

“Strange enough, he has Darth Vader posters in his room,” he said. “The villains are always the more interesting ones.”

The lightsaber Alex Wymer used in the storm was a replica of the one wielded by Darth Maul in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”


Greg Wymer said while his son has taken theater classes, his moves in the snow Wednesday night were entirely “off the cuff,” and the “Saberstaff,” as it’s commonly known, has only been in his son’s possession for the last few days.

“It’s not like he has been playing with it in the house and getting skills down,” he said.

As for his audience during the storm, his father — and those online — weren’t the only ones taken by the seemingly choreographed performance.

“Someone drove by and put the window down,” Greg Wymer said, “and said, ‘You go, dude!’”

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