David Epstein

This is an unusually cold weekend

The weather was cold and gray as tourists walked through the Copp's Hill Burying Ground in the North End.
The weather was cold and gray as tourists walked through the Copp's Hill Burying Ground in the North End. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Weekend chilly weather

As we enter the final full weekend of March, the weather looks as though it’s still going to be quite wintry around here, and some areas will even see snow. Temperatures this time of the year should already be getting into the mid-to upper 40s, and it certainly wouldn’t be unusual to see a 50-degree day. However, this weekend will be significantly colder than that.

Our weekend weather will be controlled by a cold flow of air, as high pressure in eastern Canada keeps any spring warmth far to our south. In addition to the colder-than-average temperatures, there is the chance for some moisture this weekend in the form of snow showers. The best chance for these would be late Saturday and Sunday. There can be some accumulation of snow from these snow showers. If they occur during the day, most of the snow will stick to the grass or existing snow, but if they fall at night, there can be some that sticks to the roads.

Cold jet stream pattern


The reason for the snow showers is some upper-level energy that will be rotating around a system at about 18,000 feet. This combined with a bit of an onshore wind with colder air coming in across the Gulf of Maine and Massachusetts Bay will produce some snow showers.

Saturday will dawn with a chilly but dry morning, along with a blend of clouds and sunshine. Temperatures will not reach seasonable levels, which would be in the mid-40s to even near 50 degrees. If temperatures did get to their seasonal averages, we would lose a lot of the snow cover much quicker.

During the afternoon Saturday, clouds will tend to fill in, and there is the chance for those snow showers to start moving down from the north. The greatest likelihood of these would be along the coastline, but they could move inland as well.


Raw and wintry

Sunday moisture will continue to pinwheel down from the north and bring more clouds and the chance for a few snow showers. Temperatures will also be quite a bit cooler, with highs not reaching 40 and most of us seeing temperatures in the mid-30s during the afternoon — 10 or more degrees below average.

Milder later next week

The cold weather continues into the first part of next week, but we could see some warmth by late in the week, with highs perhaps getting into the 50s.

The dry weather continues into early next week with a slow moderating trend by Tuesday, when temperatures finally will get back into the 40s.

Fantastic skiing

One positive element from all this cold and snowy weather: Spring skiing is simply amazing, and if you haven’t had a chance to partake this year, head to almost any ski area this weekend and you won’t be disappointed.