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MEDFORD — Grief-stricken residents huddled in small groups near a busy intersection Sunday night, just several hours after a woman was killed and two more pedestrians were injured by a young driver who police said struck them.

A juvenile male hit the woman around 4:49 p.m. near the intersection of Spring and Emerald streets, according to a statement from Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan's office.

He then continued driving on Spring Street, hitting two more pedestrians — one male and one female — and a Citizens Bank, officials said. They were taken to local hospitals, and a dog that was with them died.


The driver was taken into police custody at the scene. His name, as well as the identities of the victims, were not released Sunday night.

"Everybody's sad … I'm very scared," said Anite Laurent, who lives on Spring Street near where the incident unfolded. "My daughters cried too; they're scared."

Medford Mayor Stephanie Burke tweeted that her "thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in this tragic event," and that the investigation remained active.

A large dark mark remained on the stone wall outside Citizens Bank. Next to it, two teenage girls set up candles and a poster as a makeshift memorial for the victims. The poster read: "Light a candle and sign for prayers." Within less than an hour, several residents had added flowers and additional candles to the memorial and signed the poster.

"I just feel bad because seeing a [tragedy] like this sucks," said Amanda Owens, one of the girls who set up the memorial.

Noe Tejada, who works at Iris Restaurant across the street from the Citizens Bank, said he could see the injured woman before she was taken to the hospital.

"She was claiming that her back and her legs were hurting," Tejada said. "She was laying down."


He said he saw "a lot of activity" around the scene after the crash, including the driver being taken into custody.

"I saw right in the crosswalk [outside the restaurant], they brought him to the car," he said. "I got a good look."

Tejada said the streets where the crash happened are often busy and can feel dangerous.

The intersection on Spring Street where the woman was struck has no crosswalk or stop signs. There are also no speed bumps, stop signs, or speed limit markers for the length of Spring Street where the car is said to have driven.

It is rare for the neighborhood to see a tragedy like this, according to a long-time Medford resident at the scene who declined to give her name.

"The city's a good city," she said. "Everybody knows everybody. We take care of each other."

Globe correspondent Alejandro Serrano contributed to this report.