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Are recreational marijuana shops preparing to open in your town? Check our maps

Note: This resource was last updated in February 2020, but it is no longer being regularly updated. For a full list of licensed adult-use marijuana establishments, check the Cannabis Control Commission’s website.

The maps and tables below, based on data from the commission, show where prospective retail operators hope to set up shop to sell recreational marijuana for consumers, as well as the stores that have already opened.

Companies that hold final licenses are nearly ready to open, while those with provisional permits must still undergo inspections and clear other hurdles before beginning recreational operations.

Operators that have only submitted an application but not yet received a license are still weeks or months away from opening. Some of these applicants will be asked to submit more information before their submissions are considered complete.


In a few cases, a company may have submitted an application prematurely, without first securing permission from the city or town in which it hopes to operate. Those applications won’t make it very far, as the state commission only issues a license after confirming with local officials that the company has won municipal approval — and after inspecting the business to ensure it meets a long list of other regulatory requirements.

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