Chicopee police pull Mercedes from river — 3 months after driver ‘blacked out,’ forgot where he left it

Police recovered a Mercedes Benz from the Connecticut River this weekend that may have been there for three months after the driver allegedly "blacked out" and lost it.
Police recovered a Mercedes Benz from the Connecticut River this weekend that may have been there for three months after the driver allegedly "blacked out" and lost it.(Chicopee Police Department)

For three months, it was, apparently, unclear where he had parked his car.

As it turns out, the vehicle may have been submerged in the Connecticut River the whole time.

Police in Chicopee on Sunday recovered a Mercedes Benz from the bottom of the river, the same car that had been reported missing in April by an operator who claimed he “blacked out” and couldn’t remember the vehicle’s precise location, officials said on Facebook.

On Saturday, officers received a call after a kayaker spotted a car in roughly 15 feet of water near Nash Park. The department’s Underwater Response Team was dispatched to the area, according to officials, and sent down to “check out the vehicle.”


After determining no one was in the mud-caked car, the dive team returned to the scene early the next morning, equipped with tools to pull it from the water.

With the help of Interstate Towing, Inc., the dive team hooked up cables to the luxury car — a Mercedes C300 sedan — and “successfully recovered the vehicle out of the water,” police said.

Police learned about the car’s alleged origins once the Mercedes was back on dry land, the department said on Facebook.

“On April 8th, the operator of the vehicle, blacked out, and somehow drove the vehicle into, or near, the water,” police wrote. “He, and his father, went to the West Springfield PD, to make a report that he had blacked out, and that it was unknown where the vehicle was left. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and our divers did a great job on this recovery.”

The driver was not named in the Facebook post. It was unclear if charges would be filed. West Springfield police did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nash Park in Chicopee is on the opposite side of the river from West Springfield.


Those following the department on Facebook had a range of reactions to the weekend discovery.

“Wow. To black out and not remember driving your car into the river...? Thankfully he drove it into the river, not into somebody’s house or another vehicle,” one person wrote.

Another person light-heartedly said, “Dude, where’s my car?” — a reference to actor Ashton Kutcher’s bizarre 2000 comedy by the same name.

Police shared a GoPro video of divers inspecting the car before hauling it from the depths of the river Sunday. In the video, the car is slathered in mud and obscured by the cloudy green water, its trunk popped open.

The towing company that assisted in removing the vehicle got a drone’s-eye-view of the car in the water and the police response, which was also posted to the department’s Facebook page.

“We try to bring you as close to the action as possible,” police said after sharing the footage on social media.

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