Minke whale found dead in Marshfield

(New England Aquarium)

A 27-foot minke whale spotted in distress Saturday night in Marshfield was found dead near Brant Rock on Sunday morning, according to the New England Aquarium.

The adult female was found pinned against rocks off a jetty in shallow water around 10 a.m., the aquarium said in a statement.

The aquarium’s marine animal rescue team responded to the scene to inspect the whale, whose condition was described as “thin . . . but not emaciated,” the statement said.

There was “no visible gear from a possible entanglement” on the whale, or any major trauma from a ship strike, officials said. The whale “did have significant cuts and deep, long scratches on its underside and tail stock,” the statement said.


“These wounds were a result of it thrashing about in shallow water when first seen on Saturday evening,” officials said.

The whale is believed to be the 38th to mysteriously die along the east coast, from Maine to North Carolina, the statement said.

As of Sunday evening, the whale’s carcass was still in the water, according to New England Aquarium spokesman Tony LaCasse.

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