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A mockup of the new Red Line trains goes on view at City Hall Plaza this week

Now arriving at City Hall Plaza: A mockup of the T’s new Red Line cars. Erin Clark for the Boston Globe

Now arriving on City Hall Plaza: a glimpse of the new and improved Red Line trains.

This week, the public will get a chance to view the interior and exterior of a model vehicle that resembles the train cars scheduled to hit the tracks for testing by next year.

Crews on Monday were setting up a two-thirds size model of one of the Red Line trains on City Hall Plaza.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials said the agency plans to let riders hop on board to give it a gander Tuesday through Thursday.

“Our customers’ experience has always been one of my top priorities as general manager,” Luis Manuel Ramírez, chief executive and general manager of the transit agency, said in a statement Monday. “It’s important that we get their feedback on the mock-up before we move to the production phase of the procurement.”


The transit agency plans to replace its entire fleet of Red Line trains by 2023.

A replica of the new-and-improved Red Line trains is set up in the City Hall Plaza.Erin Clark for the Boston Globe

In 2014, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corp. won a bid to build 132 Red Line cars. The T’s fiscal control board later voted to buy an additional 134 Red Line cars from the company.

China Railway Rolling Stock Corp. is also building 152 new Orange Line cars, the first of which are now being tested. The first few Red Line train cars will be delivered next year, and will also undergo testing.

MBTA officials first teased that a mockup of the new Red Line train cars was bound for the United States back in June, when Ramírez tweeted pictures of the model leaving a factory in Changchun, China.

This isn’t the first time riders have had the opportunity to see what their future commute will look like.

A replica of the new-and-improved Red Line trains.Erin Clark for the Boston Globe

In January last year, a two-thirds-size prototype of one of the MBTA’s new Orange Line trains was similarly packed up and shipped to Boston from China, before it was eventually brought to City Hall Plaza for public inspection.


The company built a plant in Springfield, where it will manufacture the MBTA’s new subway cars.

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