A great white shark was seen swimming “very close” to the shoreline at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Monday.

In a video shared by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, the shark’s fin can be seen breaching the ocean’s surface not far from where the waves were breaking on the beach.

For a moment, the shark is obscured by the greenish waters. People can be heard asking, “Where is it?”

Suddenly, the camera zooms in to one spot just off shore, and the shark appears. The apex predator begins moving its tail back and forth, eliciting screams from people on the beach.


Perhaps to ease the tension, someone in the background of the video says, “It’s not coming on the sand, this isn’t ‘Sharknado.’ ”

Two beaches — Nauset Beach and Head of the Meadow in Truro — were closed Monday to swimmers after sharks were spotted along the coast, according to officials.

Lifeguards at Head of Meadow said they saw a shark jump out of the water roughly 100 yards from shore just before noon Monday.

The sightings in Nauset and Truro came the same day that state biologists working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy tagged two great white sharks while out on the water during a research trip.

Officials said in a series of tweets Monday that they tagged the 10th and 11th great whites of the season. The conservancy and state shark experts are in the midst of the final year of a five-year study of the shark population off Cape Cod.

In other shark news, William Lytton, the New York man who was attacked by a shark earlier this month while at a beach in Truro, was released from the hospital in good condition recently.

The hospital couldn’t say if he went home, or was transferred somewhere else, according to the Associated Press.


It remains unclear at this point what type of shark bit him, according to experts who hope to speak to Lytton to find out more about what happened.

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