Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

Winthrop: At Fishermen’s Bend Park, three American golden-plovers, a Hudsonian godwit, and two marbled godwits were sighted.

Plum Island: At the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, there were four Baird’s sandpipers, eight white-rumped sandpipers, a buff-breasted sandpiper, a Western sandpiper, a lesser black-backed gull, and 105 snowy egrets.

Miscellaneous: A red-necked phalarope was spotted at the Mass Audubon’s Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in South Dartmouth. Nearby, at Goosberry Neck in Westport, there were nine Caspian terns and a lark sparrow. Off Andrew’s Point in Rockport, there were a red-necked grebe, a brown booby, an Atlantic puffin, and a great cormorant.


For more information about bird sightings or to report sightings, call the Massachusetts Audubon Society at 781-259-8805 or go to www.massaudubon .org.